volca jams (2014)
jammin with the korg volca bass, beats & keys

cs1x tracks (2013)
electronica heavily featuring my yamaha cs1x

beatzebub (2009-2011)
silly techno with satanist undertones

purplefish I (2004-2006)
more noise. the oldest working tracks i could find

purplefish II (2007-2008)
artsy fartsy noise & breakcore, harsh and awful as it should be

anti-panic acid facecream (2009-2010)
trippy & dreamy techno kinda stuff with way too much compression

dil l'etant & troutman (2013)
live ambient jams with my flatmate troutman, 2 guitars and very many effect pedals and plugins

random (2011+)
anything semi-recent and not involving hardware synths, basically garbage

beatzebaby (2007-2008)
the early days of beatzebub, slowly departing from the breakcore thing and trying to make "proper" music